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It's been two months since I stopped after reading your Battle Plan and I haven't felt tempted at all to have a cigarette. I've even attended parties where normally I'd have smoked 10-20 cigarettes but again I wasn't tempted. In fact I looked round the room and felt sorry for all the smokers

Gavin Walker, Texas

From:Daniel Gordon

I know you're probably skeptical, you have heard claims like this thousands of times before. Well give me just 3 minutes of your attention and i'll prove it.

Just think about it... You already know that Stopping Smoking is scientifically proven to improve your health. Not only does it extend your life, but you feel energized... it minimizes your chance of developing murderous diseases and saves you money in the bargain...

...but how do you get motivated to stop smoking once and for all, and kick the habit? Well, I will give you the answer in just a moment...

But first, let me tell you about myself ...I was in your shoes once.....I'd picked up a smoking habit a long time ago that I just could not kick it. It was embarrassing...

....But I quit and I quit in just 4 steps. I did it because I decided what I wanted to do and I got prepared. I feel great and you can too. How does it feel to know that the last cigarette that you had...could be the last cigarette that you'll EVER have!? Scary? I would think so. But exciting?


Introducing ...

The "Stop Smoking...Once And For All" eCourse

The Step-By-Step Course To Becoming Smoke Free In Just 4 Days.

Dear Friend,

My friends didnít think that I could quit smoking cold turkey, but they didnít know that I had already made up a battle plan to ATTACK my addiction to cigarettes.

No one WANTS to be a chain-smoker. Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. But the only people who know how difficult it is to quit smoking are the people who have tried it. And I am one who knows.

I also know that YOU CAN DO IT, too!

As I had such success following my 4 Step Plan, some of those friends who laughed before wanted to try it for themselves, and they too succeeded in stopping smoking.

It made me think of all the other people who are desperate to stop smoking and who could benefit too...

So I made my Battle Plan into a 4 step eCourse, which provides answers to ALL the major stumbling blocks that everybody hits on their way to becoming a non-smoker, including:

      How To Defeat your Nicotine Dependency Faster Than You Thought Possible - By following the 4 Step Battle Plan you can defeat your nicotine dependency... starting today!

      The Exact Step By Step Way To Stub Out Your Cigarettes for Good (and never light another) - "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking... Once and For All!" is the exact system that I used to kick my habit. This easy follow, thoroughly researched, step by step, encouraging BATTLE PLAN will get you stomping out those cigarettes for good.

      The Best Way To Get Motivated And Keep Motivated- Everyone needs a little help. I found out the hard way that trying to quit without guidance is near impossible. The eCourse is packed full of information and positive tips to guide you through even the darkest times.

I smoked for over 15 years and would like to express my thanks for helping me to finally quit.

Ray Smith

      How To Get Absolutely 100% Prepared - It wasn't until I dug down...did some research... and got PREPARED for my new smoke free life that I was finally able to quit. Luckily for you, all that preparation work is ready for you to benefit from. There will be NO surprises for you on your journey to becoming a non-smoker.

      How To Improve And Prolong Your Life Expectancy - It's no secret that smoking kills, lengthen your life expectancy by choosing to stop today.

      Finding Your Best Way Of Living Smoke Free - By following my 4 Step Battle Plan you'll soon feel the difference. Breathing in clean air, you'll have tons more energy, no longer suffer from shortness of breath, save on dental bills as your teeth become naturally whiter, enjoy increased mental clarity, start to experience the amazing taste of foods again and have a clearer and brighter complexion.

My husband and I decided to quit together and we found the suggestions in your manual a great way to beat any temptation to give in. We've been smoke free for over 6 months and feel great!

Susan White

So, for those of you who really want to want to beat that nicotine addiction by putting out your cigarettes for good and are striving for a longer and healthier life, "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once And For All" will provide the guidance and motivation to allow you to say YES to kicking your habit that is slowly killing you and those closest to you. Click here to Order now.

Each year in the United States second-hand smoke causes an estimated 284 to 364 deaths in children from house fires and lung infections.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside my eCourse:

  • Discover the reason why people still continue and even still START to smoke even now that we know it’s such a killer. (Page 12)

  • Understand that the more and better-informed people are, the more likely they are to quit smoking. (Page 6)

  • Find out that lung cancer is just one of many cancers that smokers are at risk of contracting. (Page 8)

  • Learn the six main reasons why people start smoking and which apply to you. (Pages 8 and 9)

  • Understand the intense negative feelings you will have on your journey to being a non-smoker and how to combat them. (Page 65)

  • Discover at least 8 different items besides a cigarette that can diminish your craving. (Page 31)

  • Understand why "cutting down" just doesn't cut it. (Page 44)

Every cigarette shortens your life by 14 minutes.
  • Look forward to the time when cigarettes no longer have a place in your life and discover how you’ll feel better for it! (Page 45)

  • Learn 7 facts about tobacco that may help keep you from relapsing. (Page 70)

  • Learn why you shouldn’t kid yourself with “Low Tar” and “Low Nicotine” cigarettes. (Page 46)

  • Learn the habits you should drop that REMIND you of having a cigarette. (Page 48)

  • Learn how you can use exercise to your advantage when quitting. (Page 49)

  • Understand why you should get rid of EVERYTHING that reminds you of smoking. (Page 50)

Tobacco use kills 4.9 million people annually, and that figure is expected to double in the next 20 years. From: U.N.: Smoking Kills People Seconds Apart.


  • Determine how to use "peer pressure" to help you STOP smoking. Now that's a switch. (Page 18)

  • Realize why simply "deciding" to quit is not always enough and how making yourself better informed will help you kick the habit. (Pages 19 and 20)

  • Learn why tobacco is similar to narcotic drugs in its addictive nature. (Page 21)

  • Understand why you should inform your boss that you have decided to quit. (Page 24)

  • Receive 4 powerful messages that I left around the house in order to help encourage ME to quit. (Page 25)

  • Learn how to prepare your new surroundings for your new smoke-free lifestyle. (Page 24)

  • Learn how to plan your day in order to keep your mind off of the craving. (Page 51)

  • Realize that EVERYONE has an inner voice telling them to quit smoking but now YOU can listen to it. (Page 34)

20% of all deaths in North America are caused by cigarette smoking. One in two smokers will die from their habit, losing an average of 15 years of life.
  • Learn why second-hand smoke should be high on your priority list of reasons to quit. (Page 35)

  • Understand why eating healthily can be a major factor in your success. (Page 53)

  • Discover the foods to stick with and the foods to stay clear of on your route to being a non-smoker. (Page 56)

  • Discover why you should not have a cigarette right before you sleep - and this is without paying attention to the potential of burning your house down! (Page 57)

  • Understand how quitting smoking will help you to sleep better at night. (Page 58)

  • Learn 8 tips to help you get a good night's sleep... Plus 2 more tips on falling back to sleep if you wake during the night. (Page 62)

  • Understand the intense positive feelings you will have once you have made it - we'll let you figure out how to celebrate. (Page 67)

  • Understand why you should keep track of the things that have kept you from quitting in the past. (Page 36)

  • Realize why it is so hard to admit that one is addicted to nicotine instead of using excuses like, "it helps me to unwind". (Page 36)

  • Learn how medical practitioners can aid you in your quest to drop the habit. (Page 39)

  • Learn what role education has in the probability that you or your loved ones will end up smoking. (Page 5)

  • Determine the withdrawal symptoms you'll need to recognize so that you will be ready to battle them. (Page 22)

  • Find out that cancer is just one of many diseases or illnesses that is caused by smoking. (Page 8

Smoking is one of the most common causes of visual impairment and blindness in wealthy countries.
  • Find out which cigarette related deaths are not health-related AT ALL. (Page 9)

  • Realize that no one uses his or her WILL POWER to smoke a pack a day. (Page 8)

  • Find out why "wanting to quit" is different than "deciding to quit." (Page 16)

  • Learn why people feel the need to touch wet paint... or what that has to do with your smoking habit. (Page 10)

  • Learn the three most common excuses for smoking and why they are NOT valid. (Page 13)

  • Discover the first and most comforting thing you should do for yourself when deciding to quit. (Page 18)

  • Learn simple meditation techniques that will calm your cravings. (Page 27)

  • Learn how breathing exercises can control the urge to smoke. (Page 28)

  • Find out about 5 medicines that can increase your chances of quitting for good by 80%. (Page 40)

  • Understand why certain people develop certain habits and others do not. (Page 3)

  • Learn why people in some parts of the world are more likely to smoke than others... and find out where YOU are. (Page 5)

  • Learn how quitting smoking can allow you to take your kids to Disneyland. (Page 43)

  • Find out how developing new interests can help hide the urge. (Page 52)

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I cannot thank you enough. And my wife thanks you too. She no longer has to put up with my cigarette stubs all over the house and we now go out more with the money I used to spend on cigarettes

Phil Spencer, Kent - UK

I just wanted to write in and say thanks. I've been wanting to give up for ages and now I have!

Katie Robinson

I found your book really inspirational. Whenever I felt myself wavering and wanting a acierate I would read through and find some inspiration to keep me going. I've not had a cigarette now for ages and feel great.

John Bower

"Now TELL Me! Are you ready to quit smoking for the LAST TIME!?"

Iím going tell you right now... while you are trying your best to stay away from cigarettes, you are not going to want ANY surprises.

You do NOT want to be reminded of how much you want a cigarette every time you see your favorite chair that you used to smoke in each night. For this situation...

...just turn to page 48.

Itís in there. I wrote this book because I knew that being prepared is incredibly empowering. It can make the difference.

You donít need to go out and try some hypnotist that will charge you a fortune by the hour to ďcureĒ you from your cravings. The cravings are going to come. You just need to know how to deal with them.

If you get my eCourse today, you could be a non-smoker by tomorrow. It wonít be easy, it sure wasnít for me - but with the right knowledge, preparation, and accountability, tomorrow could be your first smoke-free day in a LONG time. Ready to start your new life? Click here to Order

3 Months, No Questions Asked, 100% Guarantee!

"If at anytime during the next three months you donít feel that this book was worth the purchase price, I will refund your money no questions asked. I can offer this guarantee because I am ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT you will find my battle-plan helpful in your pursuit of a smoke-free life."

Plus, if you order today we are offering, for a limited time only, two fabulous reports as FREE BONUS' - "101 Everyday Tips For losing 10 Pounds" and "101 Ways To Get In Better Shape and Stay That Way"

They are thoroughly researched reports on Ďeveryday waysí to maintain a healthier lifestyle for people on the go. They are designed to be quick and efficient. Just taking on board a few tips each day wonít take much effort, but will improve your appearance and general health in no time. You will FEEL the results.

We are not sure how long I am going to keep giving these great bonus' - So get your copies NOW before it is too late...

I spent a lot of time and expended a lot of energy in putting my course together, which will help you Finally Stop Smoking.....Once and For All!. So how much is my time and research worth to you?

How about thousands less than what you'll spend on cigarettes this year alone?

The Financial Cost of Smoking

No of Packs a Day

Cost Per Day

Cost Per Week

Cost Per Month

Cost Per Year

1 $5.48 $38.36 $166.68 $2000.20
2 $10.96 $76.72 $333.36 $4000.40
3 $16.44 $115.08 $500.05 $6000.60

Price is based on the RRP for a premium brand cigarette.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it were less than what you’ll spend on cigarettes this week.

A recent report by states that a 40-year-old woman who normally smokes a pack a day can save nearly $1,300 in her first smoke-free year!

Spend $37.77 today and you will get my 4-Step battle plan, "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once and For All!" in minutes. You can download it straight to your computer and start attacking your addiction today.

It's $37.77 for the rest of your life. Order your Copy here.

We use ClickBank for all our purchases as they offer a secure ordering system, giving you the confidence that when you place your order all your information will be kept private and secure. Don't forget, for a limited period you'll also receive your FREE BONUS GIFT.

Free Bonus Gift #1
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This fabulous guide normally retails at $35.99, however for a limited period only, I am giving it away FREE when you purchase "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once And For All" This great report offers everyday tips that can be easily incorporated into your life to help you lose 10 pounds and improve your quality of life.

Free Bonus Gift #2 (27.99 Value)
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An Amazingly useful and very down to earth guide to getting in better shape, living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight, without wasting time and effort. This guide is broken down into two distinct sections. The first section covers HEALTH, and includes everything you need to know about taking care of your body on the inside. The second section covers FITNESS, and things that you can do to tone up, lose weight and enhance your fitness and well being.

Here's what is included when you order:

Your copy of "You Can Do It! How to FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once And For All" eCourse - detailing the secrets of how a Life Long smoker gave up once and for all.

My 3-Months, No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee - which will ensure your money is refunded if at anytime during the next three months you donít feel that this report was worth the purchase price.

Plus, I am so confident that this eCourse will help you give up smoking, even if you decide you wanted to have your money back, you can keep the "You Can Do It... How to Finally Stop Smoking Once And For All" eCourse and bonus', "101 Everyday Tips For Losing 10 Pounds" and "101 Ways To Get In Better Shape and Stay That Way". Now we cannot be fairer than that!!

Instant Access - because my eCourse is downloaded to your pc, you will have instant access to your "How to FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once And For All!" eCourse, even if it is 2am in the morning. There is no waiting to receive your purchase by post, and therefore no additional postage and packing charges. Once you've made your decision to quit and have the eCourse you'll have all the necessary information to hand immediately.

And for a Limited Period You Will Receive..

101 Everyday Tips For Losing 10 Pounds - a thoroughly researched report providing everyday tips to losing 10 pounds and making you feel great in the process.

101 Ways To Get In Better Shape and Stay That Way - an amazing guide to improving your health, fitness and well being, without spending thousands on spa's and personal trainers.

So, you've read all about the 4 Step BATTLE Plan, and now it's time to make your decision -

Do you want to start your new life today?

If the answer is YES, then all you have to do is to sit down, take out your credit card and click on the "CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW" button below.

You will get your own copy of "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once And For All" eCourse and the Special Time Limited Bonus' within minutes.

It'll be the best investment that you'll ever make for your health.

Order NOW Via Credit Card Over our Secure Order Form!

Don't Miss Out On This Incredible Offer!

I did it and I know you can too!

Best of success,

P.S.- "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once and For All!Ē is my 4-step BATTLE PLAN for attacking your smoking habit. I know it works because I USED IT FIRST! It worked for me and it can work for you too.

P.P.S. REMEMBER - you have three months to decide if my battle plan works for you. If at anytime you feel that it wasnít for you, just write for a refund. No questions asked. I take all of the risk. No more waiting - get my battle plan here!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, for a limited time only, we are including these fabulous FREE Bonuses. "101 Everyday Tips For losing 10 Pounds" and "101 To Get In Better Shape and Stay That Way" when you purchase your "You Can Do It! How To FINALLY Stop Smoking...Once and For All!" 4-step battle plan. Order Now and get your copy instantly.





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